Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fact Sheet

       Fact Sheet

Out Of Africa is a romantic drama film released in 1985, directed and produced by Sydney Dollark.The main characters are Meryl Streep,who was chosen for the role of Karen Blixen (I think they have a similar beauty) and Robert Redford who was chosen for the role of Denys Finch Harton. The film narrates the story of Karen’s life when she went to Africa. In this film Karen talked about her experiences in Kenya, and she also talked about her first and true love. She expresses her pain about her fight with syphilis and she also talked about her marriage with the Swedish Baron Bror Vin Blixen-Finecke. There are three beautiful and passionate poems. This film  won the Oscar of « best movie » of the year in 1985, won the Oscar of « best director »and also won the Oscar of « best soundtrack » and « best photography » for the amazing way that they showed Africa.
 Hope you like the film.

Inass Hacini

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