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Isaak Dinesen was born on the 17 th of April in 1885 in Rungstedd. She had two sisters and two brothers, and she was the second daughter. Her father Luil Hihelm Dinesen was military and he killed himself when Isak was 10 years old. Isaak and her sisters had a governess, but they have an impractical education.
In 1907 she debuted as a writer with her story  ¨hermiss¨  published in a literary magazine. The 14 of January of 1914 she got married with Bror Blixen Finecke in Mombasa. A few months after, her husband transmitted to her syphilis.And After 6 years of marriage,they got divorced because he was unfaithful to Isak , with another woman. In 1931 died Denys and with the low prices of coffee, she bought her farm and she returned to Denmark,but the principal reason of leave Africa is that her true love died.
In 1937, Isak published her autobiographical book  Memories Of Africa. In this book she wrote about her travel to Africa and experiences.

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