Thursday, February 26, 2015


 Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova is a retaired soviet cosmonaut engeneer.She was born in 6 March in 1937,she was Russian.
She left school when she was young and worked in a factory of tyre for year and half.She started studing engineering.She also practised Skydiving.
On 16 February 1962,Valentina was selected to participate in the female cosmonat corps among more than four hundred candidate.Only five women were selected were selected.The quelifications required were that they should be parachutists under 30 years of age ,under 170 cm tall and under 70 kg in weight.
On 16th June 1963, at the age of 26 , she was on board of the spaceship Vostok VI took off from the base of baikonun.
That way she became the first women who flew in space. Since that moment people began calling her "Chaika".
Tereshkova`s trip was not pleasent at all.Since she entered into space, she was despertered by a break in her spacesuit.
Valentina suffered strong dizziness and vomiting during her travel.In her return she suffered a facial bruise.
Tereshkova was a part of a study that answers the question of whether women offere the same physical and mental resistence tha men on space.
The heroine kept the mission as a secret beause Russia was in Cold War.
Valentina Tereshkova received a lot of medals and awards between then The Medal of Gold and heroine of  Soviet Union.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sabiha Gökçen

Sabiha Gökçen

Sabiha Gökçen (Bursa, 22 March 1913 - Ankara, March 22, 2001) was a military and aviatrix, known for being the first woman aviatrix fighter in the world and the first Turkish woman aviatrix, at the age of 23 years.

According to the official Turkish historiography, she was adopted by Atatürk during a visit from east to Bursa, when he had knowledge of the poor conditions in which she lived.
  Sabiha studied at Ankara and Istanbul. From a young age she was fascinated by the aeronautic.

In 1936 she entered the Air Force Academy, additionally doing a training course in the Soviet Union. During the 28 years she was in the Air Force, she performed 8,000 hours of flight and tested and twenty types of aircraft. After joining the Turkish Air Force in June 1937 she also made her first war service bombing Kurdish rebel positions during the Dersim Rebellion. In 1938 she made a successful air raid by the capitals of the Balkans.
                                                                                                        Yasmin Damun.

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Anne Bancroft:
Anne Bancroft was born in New York in 1931 and was died in New York in 2005. Her real name is Anna Maria Louisa Italiano, Anne's moments are Italian.

She was an actres, she started to practised for 4 years, and she studied in an School Art Dramatic. At first she worked in Century Fox company.

Anne Bancroft became a professional actres in USA. She won a someone prizes; One oscar, two Gold Globe and three BAFTA. 

She was married in 1953 and 1964, and in 1972 had a son.

In 2005 she was died because she had a cancer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



This wonderful woman was born in Santiago on 25 th June. She was the first woman to study at the University, and the first one that became a doctor in Chile. Diaz graduated on december 27, 1886.
She started working at a hospital on January 1891. Insunza worked as a teacher from 1889 to 1897, and she was named the School Medical Supervisor of Santiago in 1898. Eloisa founded polyclinics for the poor and school camps. In 1910 she participated in Hygiene and Medicine International Scientific Congress in Buenos Aires.
Diaz was named director of a school and she implemented school breakfasts and compaigns to fight alcoholism, rickets and tuberculosis. In 1950 she went to the San Vicente hospital, where she died at the age of 84. I believe that this woman is an example to follow. She didn't waste her time with foolish things, for instance, she just wanted to help the poor and drug addicted.

By Zineb El Haddad

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Amelia Earhart


Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Kansas in 1897, and she disappeared in the Pacific Ocean in 1937. She was an American aviator. She was the first woman aviator who flew solo across the Antlantic Ocean.

Her first instructor was another aviator: Neta Snoock. In her first plane she had some problems but it's normal because the motors were not reliable. Amelia was the 16th woman to receive a pilot licence from the FAI.
After that she started a friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt, who wanted to learn how to fly. Amelia had planned to teach her, for which the first lady in USA even got her student permit.
When she flew around the islands Nukumanu she reported that the plan flew towards Howland island. After, she lost connexion with control towers and they never knew where Amelia disappeared.
The United States government spent $4 million looking for Amelia, which made it the most costly and expensive air and sea search in the history until now.

Amy Johnson

By : ines hacini
Amy Johnson

On the 24 of May of 1930 Amy Johnson became the first woman who flew without anyone else from England to Australia. Her nickname is  Lindbergh Girl because Charles Gindbergh was the first man that flew from England to Australia, and Amy was the first woman, so her fans gave her this nickname.

She had many accidents in this flight.The first accident was between Aleppo and Bagdad by a breakdown so she was forced to land in the desert. Between the 8 and 9 of May she broke a part of the wheel. On the 17 of May there were monsoon rains so she was forced to land. On the 24 of May she arrived in Australia with a big smile in her face but very exhausted. She made many flights solos after this one, and she won many prizes,but this was the one and only special to her.


Annie Londonderry (1870-1947) was the first woman to travel around the world. She was born in Riga, but she moved to the United States when she was just a child. Altough she grew in a Jewish and very religious family she was a very free-thinking young woman. She got married at the age of 18 and had three children.
In 1894 she was challenged to bicycle around the world in 15 months earning $5,000. So she grabbed her 19 kg bicycle and started cycling.
After the trip, she moved to New York where she wrote stories featuring 'New York World'. She always said: "I am a journalist and a new woman, if that term means that I believe I can do anything that any man can do"

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jackie Ronne, Woman explorer

                             Jackie Ronne

 Jackie Ronne was born in October 13, 1919. Ronne was the first woman to explore Antarctica.

At the age of 28, Ronne followed her husband, Finn Ronne, an explorer on an expedition to Antarctica in 1947. She was the first woman ever to brave the winter season of Antarctica.

Ronne's objective for the expedition was to write her adventures for the North American Newspaper Alliance and the New York Times. 

She received a degree in history from George Washington University and unfortunately died six years ago(aged 89), from Alzheimer's disease.

Sally Kristen Ride

Sally Kristen Ride was born in Los Angeles on May 26, 1951 and died on July 23, 2012 in La Jolla. She was an American physicyst and former NASA astronaut who in 1983 became the first woman from USA to go out to the space. Apart from that, she also became a professional tennis player in her country. In  the late 1970s she answered a newspaper that asked for volunteers for the NASA program, starting her space race.
From 1985 until her death, she maintained a relationship with the psycologist and professor Tam O'Shaughnessy.

She died at the age of 61 after suffered from a pancreatic cancer.
She was awarded a scholarship for her performance in tennis, as well as her interest in science. She receveid a master's degree and a PhD in physics while doing research in astrophisics.
In 1987, Ride left NASA to pursue the Center for International Security and Arms Control at Stanford University.


Nancy Bird Walton

Nancy Bird Walton was a qualified pilot by the age of 19. She was born in a little country town thirty miles north of Taree.

As a teenager during the Depression in Australia, Nancy Bird found herself in the same position as many other children of the time, leaving school at 13 to assist her family. At the age of 18, her passion drove her to take flying lessons.

Nancy Bird entered an air race from Adelaide to Brisbane, and won the Ladies' Trophy. She was the youngest commercial licensed woman pilot in the British Commonwealth to become Australia's "First Lady of aviation" in the 1970s.

She returned to Australia soon after  World War II broke out and she began training women in skills needed to back up the men flying in the Royal Australian Air Force. She was 24 when she married an English man, Charles Walton, and had two children.

KIRA SALAK by Iness Bendaoud

  Kira Salak was born, on September 4th, 1971. She is an American Writer, adventurer, and journalist known for her ravels in Mali and Papua New Guinea. She has written two books of nonfiction and a book of fiction based on her travels and is a contributing editor at National Geographic magazine.
  Salak is one of five people in the world to receive q 2005 National Geographic Society Emerging Explorer Award. She has travelled solo to almost every continent, visiting some of the world's remotest or most inhospitable places, including Madagascar, Borneo, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She cycled nearly 800 miles across Alaska to the Arctic Ocean; she was the first person to kayak solo 600 miles down to West Africa's Niger River to Timbuktu, a trip recounted in her nonfiction book, The Cruelest Journey. Salak has been selected by The Library of Congress for their "Women Who Dare" publications, which highlight the world's top women explorer and leaders3
  With no doubt, this woman is an example to follow; She clearly didn't waste time in her life. She has done so many things... and she is still enjoying life doing what she wants.


                      ANNIE SMITH PECK

Annie Smith Peck was born in Providence, Rhode Island on October 19 of 1850 and she died in New York City on July 18 of 1935.

She studied education in a girl´s school and she tried to enter in the University of Brown but she was rejected because of the fact that she was a woman. She decided to move to Michigan and she became a teacher here.

When she was 27, she sign up again in the University of Michigan because they permitted women to study here. In 1885 she discovered the mountaineering in Europe and USA.
In 1895 she became famous because she was the only woman that used jeans to climb. She continued traveling, climbing and exploring Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

She was the first person to climb the Huascaran in 1908 and then she started to be an expert in commercial and industrial matters in Sudamérica. She started to write books about her life and her travelings around the world. In his ascension of Coropuna she left a banner with the slogan: " I vote for women" . She became president of Ladies Alpine Club.

Barbara Hillary, adventurer Fatima H

 Barbara Hillary was born on 12th June 1931 in San Juan Hill, Manhattan.
Barbara Hillary worked and taught nursery during a long part of her life, but at the age of seventy she decided to retire.
Ten years before she retired they diagnosticated her cancer but she survived at the end.
After she retired, she decided to do something different because she did not want to stay at home like an old woman.
Finally, she decided to go north after seeing an advertisement for a journey to Canada and Manitoba to photograph polar bears.
After her travel, she fell in love with north travelling and she decided to to be the first black woman to reach the north pole. That is why she started laerning how to drive her own dog sled.
The travel was difficult but she finally did it at the age of 75.

FREYA STARK, an explorer and a writer

Freya Stark was a British explorer and travel writer that was born on the 31st of January 1893 and died at the age of 100. She was one of the first non-Arabians to travel through the southern Arabian Deserts. Many of her trips were to areas like Turkey and the Middle East where a really reduced number of women had travelled before.
Freya was born in Paris when her parents were studying art. She had no formal education as a child, but she moved about with her parents and learned French, German and Italian before she entered the University of London in 1912. After working as a nurse in Italy during the first World War, she returned to London to attend the School of Oriental Studies. Stark published her first major book in 1934 in which she combined practical travel trips and entertaining commentaries about people, places, customs and history of Persia. Thereafter she travelled in the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Italy where she made her home. After working for the British Ministry and founding the anti-Nazi Brotherhood of Freedom during the Second World War, Freya visited Asia, Afghanistan and Nepal. She wrote other books, several volumes of collected letters and four volumes of memoirs 
I chose Freya Stark because from my point of view she was a really brave woman that, in a particular way, fought for the gender equality by travelling and trying what only men did at the time. I like the idea that besides an explorer she's also a writer.