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Fact Sheet out of Africa by Mohamed Mahfoud

Fact Sheet 

  Out of Africa is an American film based on the autobiographical book with the same title.The book was written by the Danish writer Isak Dinesen who was one of the most famous Danish writers.
The film is A romantic drama film directed by Sydney Pollack in 1985.

Her life was very difficult because she was not supported by her husband who passed all his time working and hunting. Consequently, they were not able to live together. She got married to someone called Denys Hatton who died in an aircraft crash.

The film is about a unique story of a woman who loves Africa and African people. 


Robert Redford - Denys Finch Hatton
Meryl Streep - Karen Blixen
Malick Bowens - Farah nd was 
Joseph Thiaka - Kamante


The film won seven Academy Awards and was nominated for many prizes in America and the world.

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Out of Africa is a movie that’s based on the real life of Karen Blixen, a Danish woman that travels with her husband (a rich friend of her, they decide to marry so that she can become a Baroness) to Africa. She will discover what true love is when she meets Dennys-Finch-Hatton a free man that rejects any ties. This makes it difficult for Karen when she begins to want more things from him and even suggests marriage. In addition to this, Karen’s life is also bound to her 1000 acres farm where she starts a coffee plantation.
Baroness Karen Van Blixen was a Danish author that was born on the 17th April 1885.
The film won seven Oscars and was nominated in a further four categories (Best Picture, Best Sound, Best Director...). It also won three Golden Globes as well as two recognitions by the American Film Institute.
There were numerous differences between the film amd real life events. For example:
-The film leaves out some local shootings and Karen’s writings about the German army.
-It also ignores that Karen was pregnant at least once with Finch Hatton’s child, but she suffered miscarriages.
- She had two dogs, Dawn and Dusk.
Meryl Streep as Karen

She’s considered by many critics to be the best living actress. Meryl has been nominated for the Oscars 18 times: She was born in New Jersey in 1949.

Robert Rutherford as Dennys

He was born on August 18, 1936, in California but he has English, Irish and Scottish ancestry. He became a grandfather when his father had her first child in 1991. He has 4 children with Lola Van Wagenen.
Klaus Maria Branduer as Bror
Michael Kitchen as Berkley
Malick Bowens as Farah

Sydney Pollack was born the 1st July 1934 in Indiana, USA. He died on the 26th May 2008 In Los Angeles by stomach cancer. He was an Academy Award-winning director, producer, actor, writer and public figure, who directed and produced 40 films. His biggest success was‘’ Out of Africa ‘’ in 1985.


Isak Dinesen, also known as Baroness Karen Blixen-Finecke was a Danish writer that was known for mixing supernatural elements with an aristocratic view of life in her work. She was born into a well-to-do patrician family and she attended the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, and also studied in England, Switzerland, Italy and France. In 1907 Blixen made her debut as a writer with several short stories. When she got married she went to Kenya where she ran with her husband a coffee plantation. Karen suffered in Africa from syphilis, which she had contacted from her husband. After divorce in 1921 she struggled by herself and she decided to return to Denmark in 1931. Her years in Africa were depicted in Out of Africa her calm and nostalgic autobiography which started with her famous words: “I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills”. Out of Africa was adapted into an Oscar-winning film in 1985, directed by Sydney Pollack. Blixen’s major work, Seven Gothic Tales, was proclaimed a masterpiece by critics in England and in the U.S. In Denmark the critics were more reserved because her stories were considered too exotic and she was accused of elitism. In the 1950’s Karen’s health was deteriorating and writing became impossible, she decided to become a radio lecturer and made one record. She was nominated six times for the Nobel Prize. Such American writers as Trunnan Capote and Carson McCullers acknowledged their admiration of her work. She died in September 1962 in Rungsted. 

Out of Africa - fact sheet.

 Out of Africa.                                     

Out of Africa is an American romantic drama movie, based on the autobiography book, Out of Africa, written by Isak Dinesen, which was published in 1937.

It was filmed in 1985. it was directed and prodeced by the American film director, Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Klaus Maria Brandauer;  Streep played Karen Blixen; Redford played Denys Finch Hatton; and Klaus Maria Brandauer played Baron Bror Blixen.

       Meryl Streep as Karen.                    Robert Redford as Denys.             Klaus Maria Brandauer as Bror                                                                                                                     Blixen

This film received 28 film awards, including seven Academy Awards.

general plot:

In the early twentieth century, Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep) decides to marry her distant cousin Baron Bror Blixen-the Finecke (Klaus Maria Brandauer) and move to Kenya to run a coffee plantation. This marriage of convenience soon falls apart due to her husband's womanizing character. Although she meets a professional hunter Denys Finch Hatton (Robert Redford), adventurous and liberal. But in the end, he dies in his plane. A fire destroyed the coffee harvest and Karen is ruined, having to return to Europe, and although at that time already separated, Denys offers to help.

Fact Sheet

This romantic and dramatic film is based on Isak Dinesen’s real life. She entered into a marriage of convenience with her friend Baron Bror Blixen. When they moved to British East Africa they got married in a brief ceremony. 

 She also met Denys Finch Hatton, a professional hunter, with who she developed a close friendship. However, the things turn out differently and Karen got syphilis from her husband. When she become separated from her husband after this, she had some problems at the coffee plantation.

 She fell in love with her friend Denys, however Denys had a different lifestyle, he was free and he refused to commit to marriage. The plantation finally worked but a fire broke out and the crops and the factory were all destroyed.

Denys died in an airplane accident and then Karen decided to move back to Denmark, and she started to write there her experiences in Africa, she became a writer.


                      FUNERAL OF KAREN DINESEN  

by Zineb El Haddad

Fact Sheet by Iness Bendaoud

Fact sheet

Out of Africa is an American movie directed by Sydney Pollack. The main characters who had the leading role in the movie were Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. The book was adapted into a screenplay by the writer Kurt Lued. It was produced by Sydney Pollack and Karen Blixen. Out of Africa is a movie based on the memoir of Karen Blixen. A Danish woman who married his cousin and moved to Africa to start her own coffe plantation.

This film won three Golden Globes (Best Picturem Supporting Actor, Original Score). Apart from that it also won the Best Picture (Sydney Pollack, Kim Jorgensen), Best Director (Sydney Pollack), Best Art Director (Stephen Grimes, Josie MacAvin), Best Cinematography (David Watkin), Best Adapted Screenplay (Kurt Luedtke) and Best Original Score (John Barry).


Fact sheet:
A well-heeled Danish lady goes to an English colony in Africa, she proposes marriage to his brother whom she got along well with as a friend, he agrees, they agree to start a farm, but when she returns to find that her husband has decided on his own they would grow coffee instead.

The First World War breaks out and most of the men go south to protect the town.

Her husband, he transmits syphilis to her, He feels bad for giving it to her, she returns to Denmark for treatment, she is cured after 3 years and returns to the farm, he left out her house after soliciting a quantity of money from her one last time.

The coffee crops start coming in, but turning a profit becomes difficult, her barn catches fire, causing her to go bankrupt. 

She builds a school and hires a teacher to educate the black children.

Her partner (Robert Redford) gradually becomes in love with her, she wants him to be more in town but he travels a lot and comes and goes as he pleases.

Her lover dies in a crash in his private plane and she buries him on her land, her farm and lover gone, her life in Africa is over and she leaves, never to return, we are told at the end that she went on to write some books about her life in Africa.

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Isak Dinesen was born in the 17 of April of 1885, and she died on the 7 of september of 1962 in her house. 
She was a Danish author and she wrote books in Danish and in English; she lived in a problematic familly because her father comitted suicide when she was ten, and her mother stood alone with five dependent children, and she was in love with Denis but he always was travelling arround the world.

Hatim Arahou

Isak Dinesen

Isak Dinesen, whose real name is Baroness Karen Blixen was born in Rungstead, Copenhagen. She was a writer. Karen spent some of her early years at her mother's family home, near Horsens.

She was later schooled in art in Copenhagen, Paris and Rome. She began publishing fiction in Danish periodicals in 1905. In 1913, she moved to Kenya with his brother, which was at the time part of British East Africa.

They used family money to establish a coffee plantation there, hiring local workers, the kikuyu people, who lived on the farmlands at the time of their arrival. 

On returning to Denmark, Blixen began writing in earnest. Best know of her works, Out of Africa, published in 1937.


The last interview of Karen Blixen

Zineb El Haddad


I've been looking so long at these pictures of you
that I almost believe that they're real 
I've been living so long with my pictures of you
that I almost believe that the pictures are 
all I can feel
you standing quiet in the rain 
as I ran to your heart to be near 
and we kissed as the sky fell in
holding you close 
how i always held close in your fear
you running soft through the night 
you were bigger and brighter and wider than snow
and screamed at the make-believe 
screamed at the sky
and you finally found all your courage 
to let it all go
you fallen into my arms 
crying for the death of your heart 
you were stone white
so delicate 
lost in the cold 
you were always so lost in the dark
you how you used to be 
slow drowned 
you were angels
so much more than everything 
hold for the last time then slip away quietly 
open my eyes 
but I never see anything
If only I’d thought of the right words 
I could have held on to your heart 
if only I'd thought of the right words
I wouldn't be breaking apart 
all my pictures of you
Looking so long at these pictures of you 
but I never hold on to your heart 
looking so long for the words to be true
but always just breaking apart
my pictures of you
There was nothing in the world
that I ever wanted more 
than to feel you deep in my heart
there was nothing in the world 
that I ever wanted more
than to never feel the breaking apart
all my pictures of you



Zineb El Haddad

video of karen blixen

                                                   KAREN BLIXEN


Isak Dinesen wa born in the 17th of April of 1885, in Rungstedlung, and she died on the 7th of September of 1962. She was a Danish author who wrote works in Danish, French and English.
Karen spent some of her early years at her mother's family.
After studyng art, she married her cousin and went to Africa about a coffee plantation. In 1931, economic problems with the coffee price, forced him to return to Africa.
Afterwards she started her second adventure. In as much as the danish editors refused her book ( seven gothic tales) she decided to send it to United States. In 1934 they accept it and this is how began Isak Dinesen whose book: Out of Africa.