Thursday, June 18, 2015

   60s decade.

The 60s was considered an important era because on this epoch many impoertant changes hapened like the way of thinking, sexuality, styles of clothes...
The most important movement was the anti-war revolution which was organized by young people in  different universities in  all America.
The other important movement was the protests of Martin Luterking, that shown to all the world that black people must have the same duties as white people.
Across the universe.
Across rhe universe is a film based on the 60s. it is a lovely story between a british guy called Jude and an american girl called Lucy.
During this period they have passed through the different revolutions and styles.
I really liked this film because i love that kind of stones.

       coldplay                                         by Mohamed Mahfoud

 Coldplay are a famous British rock band which was founded in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and the guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London. The band is formed of five stars: Chris Marin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Phil Harvey who is the manager and who does not appear in the group’s photos.

They recorded many songs like Safety in 1998 and the Blue Room in 1999, but they could become famous only with the release of the single ‘’ Yellow” in 2000. In the same year, they released their first album called “Parachutes” which was nominated for the Mercury Prize.  Besides, they realized many successful achievements like the Grammy Award in 2011 and UK’ s best selling rock album in the same year. Their latest album, titled Ghost Stories, has been a success all over the world.

The band was able to win many prizes including Brit Award, seven Grammy Awards, and MTV Video Music Award. They were also chosen by the famous Rolling Stone Magazine as the fourth best artist of the 2000s.

Coldplay are not only a music band who are loved in many parts of the world, but they are also active in many social and political projects. For example, they support people who need help in hospitals and poor counties. They also donate money to charities like “Teenage Cancer Trust”.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Natural Environment


A current and striking topic that concerns to all of us but we all forget about it, is the wear of the naturla environment.

The natural environment includes all living and non-living things ocurring naturally on Earth. It is an environment that includes the interaction of all living species, climate weather and natural resources that affect human surviva and economic activity.

We could distinguish the natural environment by natural systems like for exaple microorganisms, atmosphere or natural phenomena and natural resorces such as the air, water or climate. However the global warming is affecting to this natural structures. A particular concern is the climate change caused by human-made as
other factors, from the carbon dioxide increase to the animals extinction. 

Even a young girl of thirteen years old attented to "The Earth Summit", celebrated by the ONU in Rio de Janeiro, and spoke about all the effects related to the human-made in our enviromental.

We live in this world and our next generations will do it too if this World stays as it was, We should take care of it, because if we don't who will?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


President John F. Kennedy was the hope of all the americans that were treated unfairly. He was the "leader of the change" along with Martin Luther King, equality between black and white people, the stoppage of the Vietnam War, and freedom were the most important things that they fought for.
The world was an uproar and each person protested in a different way. For some people it was music, for others it was art, and for others it was their style. Everyone was expressing himself somehow so a lot of changes happened.

Musicians started to ptotest through music, when they sang their songs it was like hearing them talking to the world. They started doing rock which attracted people because it was something new, something different. Everyone started dancing freely and they followed the music with their hearts. Some noticeable world stars were The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones or Janis Joplin, among others.

  Bob Dylan

Jimi Hendrix

The Rolling Stones

The Beatles 


Janis Joplin

If we talk about clothes, a lot of trendy ones appeared.






The 60´s was considered an era of different kinds of revolutions to change the world, after those revolutions everything changed the music, sexuality, clothes, the way of thinking..

Before the 60´s women did not have duties or liberty, black people were considered an inferior race, you had to be a model person and a model son who works for his country…

The revolutions antiwar was organized by students in college campuses , every day they were more young people in the antiwar revolutions or demonstrations, they occupied parks and other public places, some of those teenagers made bombs and set campus buildings in fire.

At the same time women started to search for their equality, they wanted to have the same possibilities and opportunities like men.

Martin Luther king showed us that the dark people can be and do the same think and also better than white people.

The Beatles were the international musical icon in the epoch, they revolutionized the music .The Beatles was the first club who introduced music in a radically new rock sound.
All those aspects have been included in a beautiful film called ACROSS THE UNIVERS.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Across The Universe

Across the universe is a movie based on the 60s in the united stades and in the beatles music. It talks about jude, a young adult from Liverpool who travels to usa to find his father. In his stay there he befriend Max and he fall in love with max sister, Lucy. She is a strong young adult who joins the antiwar movement. When the number of victims in Vietnam war increases, Jude and Lucy try to thrust forward with their relationship. 

The 60s. Fighting for a better place to live in. INESS BEN DAOUD

     « Art never comes from happiness » this famous quote can be applied to the sixties, also known by “decade of changes and revolution”. The people who suffered from racial discrimination or those who fought to death for their rights and minorities rights… all these sacrifices were worth it to make a better place to life in. Their objective was to live in a world where “violence” was just a word. During these years we can highlight a member of a subculture that was originally a youth movement that emerged in the United States, hippies.

     Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic music, embraced the sexual revolution, and used drugs such as cannabis, LSD, peyote and psilocybin mushrooms to explore altered states of consciousness. They had their own kind of music, fashion, cars… we can say that hippies are the answer from the society towards what was happening then : Vietnam war, Kennedy’s murder, movements against racial segregation, and the fight for social justice, all shocking events.

     I think that this decade reflects the pain which is caused by wars and discrimination in general. And at least I hope these experiences have taught us many things such as: we all want to live in peace and to be different is no longer a bad thing, your thought will always be yours and no one can change that. I have learned that some one cannot change a relevant idea or a wise opinion; otherwise we can change the world in a good way if we challenge ourselves and each others to stop pointless judgment. Embracing and encouraging people to be free to create, debate without using any kind of violence and to make others realize that the path that leads us to be the reflection we want to see in our society, is based on the freedom to be true to who we are. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is a reality” –John Lennon.
Resultado de imagen de the sixties

The 60's

The sixties was a decade of total change. It changed the art, the music, the clothes, the ideology... People fight for their liberty and equality, and they were many revolutions for have freedom.
The best way for expressing their own self was the music. 

And The Beatles known that because with their music they changed completely the life of the other people because it was like a support for them for keep on.

The characteristic symbol of this decade was " peace".
If I can describe the 60's decade I would say that it was a decade of promise and hearbreak.

The 60's

At the beginning of the 1960s,John Kennedy became president of the United States,in the first presidential debates held on television.At 1963 Kennedy was killed and replaced by Lyndon Johnson. The nation was in shock.

The 60's were a time of free love,political and radical culture changes.
Also happened some wars,but the most important was the war in Vietnam.This war dragged on, and it divided the nation. 
At 1963, Martin Luther King said his famous speech "I have a dream" in Washington D.C.

In Europe, was constructed the Berlin Wall at 1961 to prevent east germans from escaping to the West.

In the east, on 1969, the Libyan monarchy was overthrown, and Muammar al-Qadaffi took power.
Also, Ernesto "Che" Guevara became and iconic figure for a lot of people around the world and had become a popular symbol of rebellion.

The 60s

The 60s:

When we talk about the sixties we can imagine a lot of important facts : the revolutionary movements, the hippie movement, a new music, the Beatles, the developement of rock music, a society more open minded, etc. This century was the begining of a new way of life.

The 60s century has been characterized by several things : in the political and social context  we can highlight the murder of John F. Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King that led to decrease racism, or also the social revolutions against the war of Vietnam.

On the other hand, we can also name  the hippie movement, the arrival of a new fashion made for the youth, a new wave of music (The beatles) which influenced the youth.