Monday, January 19, 2015

Biography of Karen Blixen Fatima H

Isak Dinesen or Karen Blixen was born on 17th of April 1885 in Rungstedlund.
Since she was very young she was interested in art and writing.
In 1912 she decided to marry her second cousin baron Bror Blixen-Finecke, but she married him on 14th January 1914 in Mombasa and they lived together in Nairobi.
A few years later her husband infected her with syphilis and she went to Denmark to have a treatlement and she wrote a poem called Ex Africa.
In 1916 she returned to Africa to work in the coffee plantation and she met Denis Finch Hatton.
In 1925 she left her husband and she returned to Europe but she went finally to Africa in 1926.
In 1931 Denis Finch Hatton died in a plane accident and after that she left Africa forever because her farmland burned.
Karen lived after that with her mother in Denmark and she wrote and publicated a lot of books.
In 1962 she died in her house.

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