Monday, January 19, 2015

FACT SHEET out of Africa


Karen Blixen was deciding to marry with her second cousin the Baron Brir Blixen-Finecke and went to live to a Britan Colon of Africa (Kenia) to direct the harvest of coffe.
This marriage become a bad convivence because he wasn´t expresing his love to his wife. In her travel she met a proffesional hunter , Denys Finch Hatton , and they started to feel the love between . Denys was a boy that loves travel around the world and Karen doesn´t like it because she wants to stay with Denys. 

The fire destroys the harvest of coffe and Karen is ruined so she was having to come back to Europe. In this moment Denys decided to help Karen althought they are separate. After this happened, Deny died in a accident with his airplane and karen come to Denmark again.

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