Sunday, January 18, 2015

Out Of Africa - Biography Khaoula.A

                                                                 Isak Dinesen was born in Denmark in the 1885. His father was a military and he died when she was ten years old. She studied art and later she got married with his cousin , Bror Blixen . They travelled to kenya to work in a coffee plantation. In 1931 she had to return to Europe. Then she began to write his book " Seven Gothic Tales " . The Danish and British publishers rejected the manuscript , so she decided to send him to the United States under a male pseudonym . It is accepted in 1934 and born the name of Isak Dinesen.
She also wrote the Inmortal Story , Anecdotes of Destiny, Tales of winter, Angelic Avengers and gothered Stories.
Karen Dinesen died in 1962 with 77 years old.


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