Friday, June 12, 2015



Auryn is a boy-band made up of five members: David Lafuente, Alvaro Gango, Dani Fernández, Carlos Marco and Blas Cantó.
The group was formed in 2009 when they posted in Youtube covers from famous singers.
With the popularity of these covers they released their own single: “Breathe in the light”. In 2011 they reached Top 10 in 40 Principales and they released their firt album “Endless road 7058” in 2012. This album won best album in “Televisión española (TVE)”.
The second one was ANTI-HEROES released in 2013. The Spanish boy-band won a lot of prizes with this second album, and they also won a platinum disc.
In 2014 they released their las album “Pupeteer”. They taught that with this disc they would start to lose fame, but it was the opposite, because the disc was a success. Now they are organizing a Tour in Spain with their last album “Pupeteer”. The best song of their las success is “Saturday, I’m in love” and “Pupeteer”.
Throughtout his career they won a lot of prizes in Spain, in Mexico and all around the world.
Since 2011, the band also organizes camps called “My camp Auryn” in summer to give the opportunity for fans to share several days with them at camp. IT’S FANTASTIC!!!

I am a big fan of this group and I would like to go to this Camp or to a concert.

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