Thursday, June 11, 2015

Across the Universe

Across the universe is a film based on the 60's. The soudtrack and the plot are inspired by The Beatles's songs.
The film is about a British guy (Jude) who leaves his country to find his father in the USA. Once there, he falls in love with Lucy, a girl from a wealthy family who participates in the antiwar movement. At  that time the USA was going through the biggest wave of changes and revolutions in the XXth century and that affected Jude and his friends.
After working on this project I fell in love with the 60's, with its music, with its people...
 I like the idea of change and revolution. I feel proud of those people who decided to do something different, to fight against the war for the first time, claiming their rights and freedom... basically for being humans and create what we are now.

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