Friday, March 13, 2015

Relevant arab-muslim women

Asma Lamrabet:

Asma Lamrabet was born in 1960 in Rabat, Morocco. She was married and has a boy. She is a sociologist, and worked as a voluntary doctor in medicine in Europe and America, and at the moment, she is working in Morocco.

Asma is Muslim and she has written her perspective about women in Qur´an. She is considered a very important woman because she defends women´s rights. She wrote books about this topic and the problems that a Muslim woman has nowadays, the popular books are Qur´an and women Aïcha, Epouse du Prophète ou l’Islam au feminine and Qur´ans and Woman. Asma Lamrabet explains that Muslim women must fight for their rights.

In one interview Asma said "A veil is not obligatory, it´s just a complement that a woman can dress if she wants". Now she is the best representative for Muslim women.

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