Friday, March 13, 2015

Malika El Fassi


She was the only woman who has signed the Independence of Morocco in 1994.
Malika El Fassi was a Moroccan writer and nationalist. She was born in 1919 and she died in 2007.
When she was young she wrote articles with pseudonym “El Fatat” – children. This was the first female journalism succes in our Kingdom. We can find these articles in “Rissalate El Maghrib” and in the newspaper El Alam.
After her marriage she wrote articles with the pseudonym “Bahitate el Hadira” – researcher of city-.
Ms. El Fassi joined the Nationalism Movement in a secret committee. Knownas the Taifa in 1937, and she participated in the development of the manifesto of Independence on 11 January 1994.

After the Independence Malika had been involved in coaching women. She also introduced a motion to late King Mohamed V defending women’s vote. She saw her dedication recognized and rewarded, and her fight against illiteracy made her been awarded with the UNESCO medal.

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