Sunday, February 15, 2015

Barbara Hillary, adventurer Fatima H

 Barbara Hillary was born on 12th June 1931 in San Juan Hill, Manhattan.
Barbara Hillary worked and taught nursery during a long part of her life, but at the age of seventy she decided to retire.
Ten years before she retired they diagnosticated her cancer but she survived at the end.
After she retired, she decided to do something different because she did not want to stay at home like an old woman.
Finally, she decided to go north after seeing an advertisement for a journey to Canada and Manitoba to photograph polar bears.
After her travel, she fell in love with north travelling and she decided to to be the first black woman to reach the north pole. That is why she started laerning how to drive her own dog sled.
The travel was difficult but she finally did it at the age of 75.

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