Sunday, February 15, 2015


                      ANNIE SMITH PECK

Annie Smith Peck was born in Providence, Rhode Island on October 19 of 1850 and she died in New York City on July 18 of 1935.

She studied education in a girl´s school and she tried to enter in the University of Brown but she was rejected because of the fact that she was a woman. She decided to move to Michigan and she became a teacher here.

When she was 27, she sign up again in the University of Michigan because they permitted women to study here. In 1885 she discovered the mountaineering in Europe and USA.
In 1895 she became famous because she was the only woman that used jeans to climb. She continued traveling, climbing and exploring Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

She was the first person to climb the Huascaran in 1908 and then she started to be an expert in commercial and industrial matters in Sudamérica. She started to write books about her life and her travelings around the world. In his ascension of Coropuna she left a banner with the slogan: " I vote for women" . She became president of Ladies Alpine Club.

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