Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Karen Christentz Dinesen (also known as Isak Dinesen) was born on the 17th April 1885 in Danmark. She had five brothers (she was the second one)
She dindn´t go to school, so she had a governess. In 1902 she started her artistic career in Copenhaguen.
In 1907, she began writing books.
She married Bror Blixen, her second cousin , becoming a baronesse. They moved to an estate in MBagathi (Africa), bought by Isak's family but he doesn't colaborated very much.
Isak replaced him in the administration. Finally the married couple broke up.
She fell in love with the British soldier Deny Finch Hatton, who died in a flight.
Karen came back to Danmark where she wrote the book 'Seven Gothic Tales' which had a lot of success in the United States of America in 1933.
She wrote many other books known all over the world. She won a Nobel Award.
in 1962 she died in her Danish house and she had been burried in the Ewald Hill.

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