Sunday, June 14, 2015


In the sixties, many historical eventes maked stir up the world. Between these historical events are the second world war, the Cuban missile crisis and the Vietnam war. The death of John F.kennedy and Martin Luther King made many students of Africa and America manifest.

Also, the sixties are, without doubt, the decade where the music was very envolved. Bob Dylan, The beatles and the roling stones were a example of it. It was also a decade of a big renovation in the mode. the society, especially the students,  were wearing the same clothes like their best favorite singer of rock and the girls were having new styles like the miniskirts and bell jeans.

In Spain,  the sixties was a time of culture flowering. The tourism was expanded, bringing more musical styles of Europe and the world.  the best groups of music were Dúo Dinámico, Los Bravos y Los Brincos.

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