Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The 60´s was considered an era of different kinds of revolutions to change the world, after those revolutions everything changed the music, sexuality, clothes, the way of thinking..

Before the 60´s women did not have duties or liberty, black people were considered an inferior race, you had to be a model person and a model son who works for his country…

The revolutions antiwar was organized by students in college campuses , every day they were more young people in the antiwar revolutions or demonstrations, they occupied parks and other public places, some of those teenagers made bombs and set campus buildings in fire.

At the same time women started to search for their equality, they wanted to have the same possibilities and opportunities like men.

Martin Luther king showed us that the dark people can be and do the same think and also better than white people.

The Beatles were the international musical icon in the epoch, they revolutionized the music .The Beatles was the first club who introduced music in a radically new rock sound.
All those aspects have been included in a beautiful film called ACROSS THE UNIVERS.

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