Sunday, June 14, 2015

The 60s decade

The 60s was the decade of youth and women in the First World, the rights of blacks in the United States, Africa's independence, war of liberation in Latin America and the updating of the Roman Catholic Church.

This began to change in this decade due to several factors: the youth of the Kennedy; the success of the Beatles (admired not only for young people also for adults), the revolt of the university students against the war in Vietnam; thinking and organizational capacity of women like Helen Gurley Brown, and a new Social or cultural movements emerge as the movements "hippies" with their sexual freedom, communitarianism, rejection of the system, involved in anti-war protests and spread over the world against the war of Vietnam . In general, a new sensibility about love, sex, family and values emerged.

One of the most disagreeable  events of this decade was The missile crisis that  was to be the beginning of the Third World War in this decade.


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