Sunday, June 14, 2015

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses

guns n' roses is an american hard rock/heavy metal band formed in L.A. in 1985. It was formed by the singer axl rose and the guitar player tracii guns. Later, tracii leaved the band and slash, izzy stradlin, duff mckagan and steven adler joined the band.
quickly the band became very famous. In 1987 they released their debut album, Appetite for destruction, which eached n° 1 on the billboard 200, and one of its singles, Sweet Child o mine, eached n° 1 on the billboard hot 100.
that success was followed by the album G N' R Lies, which reached n° 1 on the billboard 200. The twin albums use your illusion l and Use Your illusion ll debuted at n° 2 and n° 1 on the billboard 200, etc.

Moreover, the band also got famous for being one of the most rebelious bands of that time.
well the band, increasingly, had more success. But from the 90s, the band began to desintegrate: first, steven adler had to leave the band because of his struggle against the drugs, he was repleaced by matt sorum; later, the relationship between axl and the other members became increasingly tense so, izzy, slash and duff left the group.

Ever after, the band returned to have the success that it had in those days. Now a days, the only original member that lefts in the band is axl rose.

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