Monday, June 15, 2015

across the universe

There is a film that we could connect with all of this historical events. The name of the film is across the universe. In this film they show us the decade of the sixties, the war of vietnam ,the revolution of the style and music and the problems that caused the death of the president John.F.Kennedy and the reverend Martin Luther King( all of the songs are of The Beatles).
The plote revolves around Jude, a young worker who leaves his hometown Liverpool to find his father in the United States. Here, Jude falls in love with Lucy, a rich American girl, but strong and aware that binds to the anti-war movement in New York. While the number of victims of the war of vietnam grow up,  Political tensions between friends out of control, then Jude and Lucy try to find the exit of a psychedelic world that goes crazy.

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