Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hayat Sindi

Hayat Sindi 
Hayat Sindi is a Saudi scientist and one of the first women of the Consultative Assembly Of Saudi Arabia. She is best known for making great contributions to Point Of care medicl testing and biotechnology. She could convince her family to let he go to study in the United Kingtom. she had to sped one year to learn English and then, begin her higher education.

Sindi wears the traditional Muslim headscarf, that is the reason that she was pressured to leave her religious and cultural beliefs.

"Science can be such a power way to help humanity. I'm using it to bring easy, affordabe health diagnoses to the world's poorest people" Said Hayat Sindi.

She is the winner of many award but one of his greates achievements was the offer in 2010 by NASA and the American Space center in California for a job.

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