Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Fact sheet:
A well-heeled Danish lady goes to an English colony in Africa, she proposes marriage to his brother whom she got along well with as a friend, he agrees, they agree to start a farm, but when she returns to find that her husband has decided on his own they would grow coffee instead.

The First World War breaks out and most of the men go south to protect the town.

Her husband, he transmits syphilis to her, He feels bad for giving it to her, she returns to Denmark for treatment, she is cured after 3 years and returns to the farm, he left out her house after soliciting a quantity of money from her one last time.

The coffee crops start coming in, but turning a profit becomes difficult, her barn catches fire, causing her to go bankrupt. 

She builds a school and hires a teacher to educate the black children.

Her partner (Robert Redford) gradually becomes in love with her, she wants him to be more in town but he travels a lot and comes and goes as he pleases.

Her lover dies in a crash in his private plane and she buries him on her land, her farm and lover gone, her life in Africa is over and she leaves, never to return, we are told at the end that she went on to write some books about her life in Africa.

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