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ISak Dinesen was a pen name of a Danish author called Karen Chris Tenze Dinesen, she was born in 17 of April in 1885 and died in 7 September in 1962.

His parents names were Wilheem Dinesen and Ingeborg Wasten Holz.She had two sisters and two brothers they were five.

In 1902 she started learning art in Copenhagen for 10 years. She got married in 1914 with her second cousin Bror Blixen-Flineke in Mombasa and she lived with his husband in Nairobi in he farm called Mbagathi, where they cultivated coffe.

Karen separated from his husband for lack of love.In 1918 she fell in love with a military pilote called Denys Finch Hotton.

After she got her divorce in 1925 with her secon cousin.

She published many books in differet literary genre.

Maha Riani

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